MAXON Interiors and Architectural designed Residential and commercial in and around Coimbatore, Each design project is customized services-chart-1to meet the Client’s unique needs, expectations and budgets. Every project exemplifies a seamless process that creates a space that inspires and fulfills the Client’s needs for style, ease of living and functionality.

Our Client Service Process

Each Client is special and has unique needs, desires and expectations. Therefore, our design solutions are customized to fit each Client’s distinctive situation. No solution is ever the same. Our typical design process, from concept to completion, unfolds as follows:

  1. We begin with an initial design consultation discussion or meeting to understand your needs. For example, we talk with you about your vision for your spaces, how you live and function within your space, specific likes or dislikes, etc.
  2. We develop the design concept and right ‘Service Solution’ that fits your needs and budget. This may be as simple as providing a colour palette for your home or as complex as undertaking a significant interior styling or renovation project.
  3. Upon approval, we implement (or help you to implement) the Solution, which may encompass colour palette and wall coverings, room layout and lighting plan, selections of furniture, fabrics, window coverings, finishes, lighting, art and accessory options.
  4. We install the solution, when requested, including sourcing furniture and accessories, set-up and styling of the space.
  5. We provide linkages to contractors and tradespeople when necessary.